Advice for business start-ups

The first steps towards independence are not always simple, we will support you with an in-depth timetable tailored to your needs in all further important steps. We examine your business idea from all the relevant, financial perspectives, and are at your side when generating the business plan with valuable tips. We offer you comprehensive advice about possible funding programs and company finance, prepare everything ready for signature and help you with the bureaucratic channels. We recommend meaningful events and seminars for business start-ups and prepare you thoroughly for the joint meeting with the bank. In short, we will help you on every matter and on every aspect of a business start-up.


The programme “Supporting business expertise” is subsidised by the “Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy” and the European Social Fund.


Advice for business start-ups


Assess the opportunities for realising your business idea

An innovative and well-thought-out business idea is prerequisite for successful business growth. In a personal meeting, we will jointly examine the financial sustainability of your start-up proposal. For this, you will receive valuable and important ideas for the start-up phase.

Advice to choose the suitable legal form

The choice of the particular legal form (sole traders, business partnerships or capital company) is of significant importance and dependent upon your business model. The main focus lies in the areas of liability, tax law, finance, disclosure, flexibility, transaction options and organisation.
Taking your future plans and forecast business trends into account, we will present the key aspects and opportunities of the individual legal forms including the various tax burdens. We will find the most effective form of organisation together with you.

Help with selecting and applying for subsidies

There are a variety of subsidies for business start-ups that are awarded by the state or by development banks as grants for the start-ups. Favourable loans, such as low-interest Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) promotional loans are particularly relevant here. Sureties for a loan or subsidies for advice etc. are also granted. We support you both in auditing each of the conditions for application and when selecting and applying for subsidies.

Support in putting together the business plan

A lack of planning is the most common reason for premature failure. A realistic and individually tailored business plan, with the help of which the financial potential and therefore the associated feasibility of the project is investigated as the basis for a healthy business start-up and definitive indicative basis for start-ups and potential financial partners (banks, private investors).

Support with discussions with banks

A convincing meeting with a bank is crucial in order to realise your business idea. We are happy to support you and take away any tension and uncertainty from you as part of thorough and forward-looking preparation. Based on a jointly developed strategy and a meaningful and realistic business plan, we contribute to you successfully implementing your idea. Alongside financial planning, we put the spotlight on your business idea’s unique selling point, your expert and commercial expertise and your company and personal expertise, in particular.
We are happy to invite you and your responsible bank consultant to a meeting at our firm to be able to pick up any outstanding questions directly in the detailed plan.

Advice when developing an efficient office organisation

Efficient office organisation (e.g. in terms of document capture, storage and retention) will save you time or frictional losses and contributes significantly to avoiding mistakes in everyday office life because of greater transparency. We will support you to develop optimised processes and effective structures and create the basis for a good start towards independence together with you!

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Request an appointment for business start-up

Arrange your date for the consultation and please send us some information in advance about your project. This will enable us to have the right ImplusPartner available for you.



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